Dr. Sasaki, JAMA 2019 scholarship winner Cora Ormseth, Dr. Kurohara, Itagaki & Goy
Dr. Sasaki, JAMA 2019 scholarship winner Cora Ormseth, Dr. Kurohara, Itagaki & Goy


The Japanese American Medical Association (JAMA), a professional organization of physicians based in Los Angeles, is pleased to offer a scholarship for medical students in their first, second and third year. The JAMA Scholarship of $5000 is awarded annually based on the applicant’s academic achievement, financial need, and interest in serving the Japanese American community. JAMA initiated the scholarship in 2007 and has awarded ten recipients since its inception.

Selection Process: In the fall of each year, the medical schools in California post the scholarship information for their medical students. Additional announcements are published in the Rafu Shimpo Japanese Community Newspaper. Scholarship application forms are forwarded to applicants that include at least one letter of recommendation, a typewritten essay how their past experiences, present activities and future aspirations relate to the Mission Statement and history of JAMA, and, lastly a current medical school transcript. The deadline for completed applications is in mid-January of the following year. In early February, the Selection Committee assesses in a blinded process the individual applications. Final applicants are interviewed in person or by Skype in order to aid the committee’s final decision. Awardee(s) are notified thereafter and encouraged to attend the Spring Banquet to accept their awards and be recognized by the organization.

Please contact Gordon H. Sasaki,MD, chairperson for the JAMA Scholarship Selection Committee for further information at

Download the JAMA Scholarship Application HERE!

Accepting Scholarship Donations!

We appreciate your interest in supporting JAMA scholarships! If you would like to donate to the scholarship or if you would like to become a corporate sponsor and be featured on our page, please send donations to:

Dr. Alan Yamada
624 West Duarte Road, #203
Arcadia, CA 91007

Make checks payable to JAMA


2019 Cora Ormseth
2018 Erika Esther Morikawa
2017 Masumi George Asahi
2016 Allison Kazumi Ikeda
2016 Christopher Yuki Itoh
2016 Kyohei Itamura
2015 Noah Masahiko Kojima
2015 Pricilla N. Santiago
2014 Jeffrey Tomoya Fujimoto
2014 Michael Hurley
2013 Keisuke Nakagawa
2013 Marin Nishimura
2012 Yuri Cheung
2011 Jason Nagata
2010 Aimee Sato
2010 Nanae Takatori
2009 Yousuke Horikawa
2009 Yohko Murakami
2009 Dean Sasaki
2008 Kenta Nakamura
2008 Iris Otani
2007 Maiko Shiota
2007 Marc Uemura