About JAMA

The Japanese American Medical Association (JAMA), composed of about 175 members representing more than 55 specialties, is dedicated to the care of patients in Southern California, primarily in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.

Since it was founded in 1947, JAMA has grown to reflect its members and their achievements. The organization initially served as a professional and social setting for its members and families during the postwar era at a time when hospital privileges were generally inaccessible to Japanese American physicians.

While JAMA today continues to provide a venue for socializing and professional networking, the organization has in recent years expanded to meet the needs and challenges of its members. In addition to an annual gathering to introduce members to physicians-in-training in the area, JAMA initiated a mentor program to help guide these young professionals in their selected specialties in the community. Moreover, JAMA attained tax-exempt status as a charitable organization and established a Scholarship Fund for deserving medical students. Finally, JAMA is proud to publish the oral history, Silent Scars of Healing Hands, which relates the experiences of Nisei medical providers (some of whom are JAMA members) in the internment camp. This publication, funded by the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program, represents a medical legacy for future generations.

JAMA continues to serve the community and recognizes its individual members who donate their time and services to promote healthcare excellence. On June 10, 1997, the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center presented the President's Award to JAMA for 50 years of distinguished service to the community. JAMA has enjoyed a significant history, reflective of its members and their achievements, and looks forward to continued growth in our organization.